3 Simple Steps to Buy A Piano

Japan Used Piano 3 Steps to buy a piano

We found that customers or parents are having big headache when coming to buy a suitable piano for their children. It seems like more headache than buy a car. Here is some of our advice for your piano shopping, let’s get started…

1. Study and research

2. Book a visit and have a physical experience with the pianos

  • Book a Visit with us
  • Experience with the piano touching and sounding
  • Appreciate which piano sounding suit your preference
  • Check the actual condition of the piano (original condition)
  • Shortlist a few for final consideration
  • Confirm the best option with minimal deposit

3. Delivery & payment

  • Choose a payment method. Card, bank transfer or easy payment.
  • Our movers will contact you to arrange delivery

Any questions? Just ask!
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