Yamaha U3M Review

Japan Used Piano Yamaha U3M - front

Overview of Yamaha U3M

Country Origin: Japan
Piano Performance: Very good
Value Buy Rating: Great value for money
Suitable to: Beginners to advanced level and beyond

If you are one of the seasoned piano students (intermediate or advanced), Yamaha U3M may satisfy your musicality requirements. As it is claimed as the most popular 131cm model with bright & broad sounding in Yamaha Family. Highly recommend to test this model out in our showroom.

Dimension of Piano:
Height: 131 cm
Length: 153 cm
Width: 65

Below is some of the photos taken for Yamaha U3M

Condition of Yamaha U3M

  • Bright and crsytal clear treble tone.
  • Warm and broad bass tone.
  • Sensible and responsive touch.
  • Strings and hammers in excellent condition.
  • Clean and clear solid spruce Soundboard

Here is our review of Yamaha U3M for you. Its overall sound is seasoned since it has matured overtime (one of most popular model of Japan used piano). Even it is second hand, it retains its crystal clear sounding with warm and broad bass resounding tone that is well known in Yamaha Piano family.

Its touching is medium-heavy. I would comment that it is relatively responsive, where the action and its overall sound responds very well with your playing techniques and its sound projection is pleasing to the ear. The bass is broad, solid and resounding, middle range amazingly clear. And the upper registers crystal clear.

I would recommend this upright piano for all intermediate and advanced piano students or even teachers as it is a high-end upright piano that could fulfil anyone’s musicality requirements for practice and performance.

If you would like to know more of this piano, just drop me a call: +6012 326 7882 (whatsapp) anytime. And If you are free to drop by our showroom, perhaps I could showcase the piano itself to you and give you a thorought briefing on piano selection.

    Now let’s have a demonstration with Yamaha U3M for you. As you can see and hear, even though it’s a secondhand upright piano, it’s still in excellent condition and worth every sen of your money.