New Piano VS Old Piano

Japan Used Piano Yamaha W101 - key

We always encounter a common frequent asked question from customers or parents. It is all about whether to consider a NEW piano or a USED piano. Below is some of the general consideration between new and used piano when buying a piano:

Let’s put it in a scenario that if you have a budget of around RM15,000 – RM20,000, for example, you could get a higher quality model if you buy reconditioned instead of new piano.

It is because a new piano costing RM10,000 – RM20,000 will likely have been made in a “cheap labour” factory other than Japan or Europe. For the same price you can buy a reconditioned professional quality piano that was made in a factory from Japan or Europe.

Further new pianos normally drop in value very quickly like new cars, as its model is not the professional quality models as compare to reconditioned pianos that are higher ends models. That is why, reconditioned pianos (especially famous brands like Yamaha, Kawai or Steinway for example) hold their value extremely well. Everybody knows that for a brand new professional quality Japan-made piano could cost double or even triple more than the new piano that are made in cheaper labour factories in other part of Asia.

Next, let’s explore into their material and structure. A reconditioned professional piano (such as the Yamaha U2 and U3) is built with a stronger frame than many new pianos. The reconditioned piano is therefore likely to outlive many new pianos and stay in tune for longer.

Lastly, If you are buying a piano for your kid’s piano learning purpose, a reconditioned professional quality piano could last them til the higher grade or even professional instead of buying a beginner standard brand new piano that cost more than the pro reconditioned used piano.

What do you think? Hope this may clear out some of your doubt:)