Yamaha VS Kawai


We always come across a frequently asked question from customers or parents that is regarding to Yamaha and Kawai Piano. The question is…

“What is the difference between Yamaha and Kawai pianos?”

We understand that this question may bother anyone of you when you are considering which one is your love piano. So today we would like to share a bit of the differences on both of these pianos that are made in Japan only.


Yamaha and Kawai pianos are well known good piano in Asia. Both pianos are well crafted and made. Both brand pianos made in Japan are supreme quality in terms of structure, sound and touch. And they also have their budget lines of pianos made in cheaper labour factories in another part of Asia.

In our experience on dealing and playing with different piano models of Yamaha and Kawai, we have the below list of comparison for your references. We hope they may help you to have an idea on which piano suit you.


Japan Used Pianjo KL Malaysia Yamaha Logo

Crafted Structure & Design

Well crafted with solid structure that is durable. And Yamaha is considered to be more plain and simply. Simplicity is its design main cause. That is why Yamaha don’t have much variation in it models appearance.

If you are looking for simple and nice design, then Yamaha piano may suit your taste.

Yamaha Models

Yamaha standard models that are popular in the market are U1, U2 and U3. They are differentiated with their different height. U1 is 121cm , U2 is 127cm and whereas, U3 is 131 cm. Yamaha uses alphebetical sequence at the end of the model name to identify their piano age. So with just 3 simple standard models and an age indicator, it is more easy and clear for you to consider and compare.

Yamaha Touch

Yamaha touch is slightly lighter than Kawai touch. Even it is lighter in touch, we found there are quite a number of musicians prefer Yamaha touch. It is mainly due to the flexibility on Yamaha touch. This indirecty make Yamaha Touch more control and responsive.If you are a season pianist, you may found Yamaha Piano more easier to express.

Yamaha Sounding

Yamaha piano has crystal clear treble and broad bass tone. It riches tone is normally categoriez as happy sound, as it is more lively and vibrant. It catch everyone ears everytime it is been played by our teacher in the hall.

Yamaha Demo with UX

Crystal clear treble and broad bass tone.

Japan Used Pianjo KL Malaysia Kawai Logo

Crafted Structure & Design

Well crafted with solid structure that is durable as well. But Kawai is designed with variety tiny texture design on the piano’s edge, cover or legs. Custom is its design identity. 

If you are looking for custom design, Kawai may be one of your choice.

Kawai Models

Kawai has plenty of models that are popular in the market. There are K, KU, KS, BL, BS, US, etc. But the most common models in Malaysia is K, KS, KU and BL. All these models has different height, such as 125cm (equiv. to U2) or 131cm. Kawai uses difference model name to identify their piano age. So you would need to consult the salespersonnel to get kawai’s piano age.

Kawai Touch

Kawai touch is slightly heavier than Yamaha touch. its touch is more firm and tight. Due to this fact, we found that teachers are more likely to propose Kawai to their students. Its firm keys could be a tool for the student to strengthen their fingers mucles. Students sometimes may found it more control to paly on Kawai than Yamaha. 

Kawai Sounding

Kawai piano has mellow and warm treble and solid and firm bass tone. It mellow tone is suitable for classical and romance music, as it is more firm and solid. If you are more to classical music, Kawai is one of the choice.

Kawai Demo with BL71

Mellow-warm treble & solid- firm bass tone.